Born in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico in the mid-60’s, Joaquin Prieto originally studied Industrial Engineering, but a 1999 wine project diverted his career path. This project began when a group of wine-interested friends of Prieto’s decided to try to learn about winemaking as a way to share their product with family and friends. When the grapes yielded their first harvest, and good results were obtained, Prieto and friends decided to legitimize their hobby and release their wines to the market. Vinos Tres Valles was born.

Vinos Tres Valles is named after the most important grape-growing valleys in the region: Valle de Guadalupe, San Antonio de las Minas, and San Vicente de Ferrer.  Inspired by the origins of Baja California, Vinos Tres Valles’ images and bottle names derive from the first settlers and the native ethnic groups to Baja California: JALA is the God-given name of ethnic group Kiliwa, KUWAL means “red” and MAAT means “terroir” in ethnic language Kiliwa, while KOJAA means, simply, “wine.”

At Vinos Tres Valles, Prieto and his team make honest wines based on what nature offers related to terroir, water and weather. The winery works in tandem with several respected grape growers that give back to the land. Through this partnership, Vinos Tres Valles obtains high-quality grapes that result in high-quality wines.

Prieto serves as both Winemaker and Director at Vinos Tres Valles, which is located 20 kilometers from Ensenada in the town of San Antonio de las Minas.


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