A pioneer of Mexican winemaking, Hugo d’Acosta graduated from the School of Agronomy of Montpellier France and the Agricultural University of Turin, Italy. Since December 1988, when he worked with large Baja winery Bodegas de Santo Tomas over several vintages, his skills as a vinter have been lauded across both Baja California and the larger winemaking world.

Currently, d’Acosta is directly responsible for various projects including Casa de Piedra, Aborigen, 5 Estrellas, Union de Productores, and the newest project, La Vieille Borde in France. Along with Casa de Piedra, d’Acosta launched the successful La Escuela de Oficios del Porvenir in Guadalupe Valley. Known to locals as “La Escuelita,” the space is a dedicated facility that is focused on boutique production of products involving both grapes and olives, as well as the promotion and dissemination of winemaking as a lifestyle. Each year, a handful of students get to study the art of winemaking with d’Acosta, as he uncovers the basic mysteries of making good wine, starting with an intrinsic understanding of geography, weather, and the many natural factors that help to cultivate great wine.  As d’Acosta himself states, “wine is made in the vineyard” and his classes aim to bring future vinters to a closer understanding with the earth. On a national level, he leads the wine boutique market with La Contra Vino stores. The goals of La Contra are to bring transparency in Mexican wines to the end consumer. His current project with other Baja California Producers is “Tropofera” which is a study in wine without defined borders.

Website: www.vyva.mx

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