Chef Diego Hernández-Baquedano trained in the kitchens of Benito Molina, Guillermo Gonzalez, and Enrique Olvera, with each one inspiring Hernandez in distinct ways. Having completed his formal training at the Culinary Art School Tijuana, and serving as chef and co-owner of UNO in Tijuana, in 2011, in association with La Villa del Valle, Hernández-Baquedano opened Corazón de Tierra in Baja California’s Valle de Guadalupe.

Based on the idea that the most delicious ingredients are local and organic, Corazón de Tierra has its own vegetable and herb garden, citrus orchard, and fruit trees. The restaurant presses its own olive oil, collects honey from its own hives, uses eggs from its own chickens, turkeys, and ducks, and serves fresh, local fish and seafood.

On the menu, you’ll find dishes designed with a collection of seeds, roots, flowers, leaves and plants in different stages of growth, as well as different parts of the animal, all aged and butchered at the restaurant. This style is a reflection on the regional style Hernández-Baquedano grew up with, and harbors a sensibility and a respect for nature.  An ode to Baja California cooking, Corazón de Tierra concentrates on the principals, techniques, and customs of Hernández-Baquedano’s Ensenada.

Chef Hernández-Baquedano, who was nominated best new chef by Travel and Leisure Mexico in 2011, has been quickly piling up honors and recognition. Corazón de Tierra won the Best Hotel Restaurant in 2012 by Travel and Leisure Mexico, and in 2013, Corazón de Tierra ranked #30 on the Latin American 50 Best Restaurant list.


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